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A Scientific American / Farrar, Straus and Giroux exclusive for the iPad

A richly interactive introduction to the mysterious planets that continue to be discovered outside of our Solar System. Showcasing original artwork from renowned illustrator Ron Miller, original text from Scientific American's Contributing Art Director Ed Bell, original contributions from Scientific American staff and experts in the field, Journey to the Exoplanets provides backyard astronomers, science buffs, teachers, parents, and students with a captivating and extraordinary hands-on experience.


  • Create your own exoplanet with the 3D Planet Builder
  • Over 100 incredible illustrations and diagrams
  • Accelerometer & gyroscope-controlled panoramic views
  • 3D charts of the 20 nearest stars
  • Comprehensive exoplanet size chart
  • "Little Scientist" Experiments
  • Interactive timeline of key exoplanet discoveries
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"An out-of-this-world pick for its wealth of information, rich media and interactive projects for budding astronomers." — Marc Saltzman, USA Today

"Journey to the Exoplanets turns your iPad into a starship. What an amazing app!" — Allen Steele, award-winning author of Coyote and Hex

"[Journey to the Exoplanets] makes learning about our planet and planets beyond a fun and galactic experience...The perfect app for the aspiring astronomer." — Fox News, Tapped-In podcast

"A nifty new app...Journey to the Exoplanets takes exoplanets out of the realm of fuzzy dots on your screen and into mind-blowing images territory..." — Gizmodospan>

"A satisfying blend of science and speculation, information and interaction." — Charlotte Abbott, USA Today

"Journey to the Exoplanets has many features to captivate audiences of all ages and skill levels. Users can create their own virtual exoplanets, view 3D diagrams of the twenty stars nearest to our solar system, study the timelines and charts of exoplanet discoveries, perform virtual experiments and much more." — Astrobiology magazine

"[Journey to the Exoplanets] boasts SciAm's bulletproof, up-to-date explanations of the hunt for planets outside our solar system - as well as gorgeous visualizations of what these alien worlds might actually look like... Let's face it, it's sometimes hard to get excited about yet another fuzzy, indistinct blob in a black frame. The Kepler telescope, and NASA's other ambitious exploratory efforts, need all the help they can get these days in winning hearts and minds (and dollars)-and Journey to the Exoplanets is a worthy step in the right direction." - John Pavlus, Co.Design

"The app has broad appeal. For science and science fiction fans, Miller's beautiful portraits of dozens of extrasolar planets bring back fond memories of days spent studying the astronomical art of Chesley Bonestell and Ludek Pesek...[E]xtends beyond beauty and visuals to conceptual tools that allow users to play with the very principles of 'planet building.'" — Greg Bear, Tor.com

"[Journey to the Exoplanets] is smooth and well put together. A good amount of interactivity is present while still remaining informative for adults. At the same time, there is also a variety of ‘Junior Scientist' style exhibits for younger readers (or older) to participate in...If you or someone you know is a science lover, especially concerning the cosmos, it is certainly worth taking a look at." — allyourgamesbelongtous.wordpress.com